1) Occupancy. Maintain a 6 ft. distance from other occupants at all times. Occupancy in the PBIF will be as follows:
- Room 033: bay 1 (includes ultracentrifuges, ITC, fluorometer, plate reader and DLS instruments): maximum of 1 person.
- Room 033: bay 2 (includes typhoons, CD, NTA and UV/Vis spectrophotometer): maximum of 1 person.
- Room 033: bay 3 (includes Microscale Thermophoresis, SEC-MALS, BLI, Scintillation counter, Stop Flow, RT-PCR and nanodrop): maximum of 1 person.
- Room 033D (includes emulsifier, freezer mill, sink and bench): maximum of 1 person.
2) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All facility users and staff must wear masks and clean gloves in the PBIF. It’s also recommended to wear safety glasses. Meanwhile, clean gloves can be used on keyboards. Users must supply their own masks, gloves and glasses. If for any reason gloves are not used due to specific issues of the experiment, use hand sanitizer frequently and put gloves on as soon as possible.
3) Scheduling Instruments. All walkup instruments must be scheduled in advance through the PBIF calendar website from a non-PBIF computer to minimize users gathering at instruments. Scheduling of instrument time at the instrument itself will not be allowed. During scheduling, you will notice that every single instrument has the location (b1, b2, b3 and 033D, for example b1 means bay 1). You should schedule time as long as no time has been scheduled before in any instrument within the same location.
4) Data Review. Data from walkup instruments can be reviewed at the instrument if the user schedules additional time (no charge) and follows occupancy, PPE, and cleaning requirements.
5) Discussion of Results. All meetings to discuss sample results with users will be conducted by Zoom or email. Email Giovanni Gonzalez-Gutierrez (giovgonz at to schedule a time for Zoom meetings.
6) Cleaning. Each user is responsible for wiping down the keyboard, mouse, work surface, and any touched surfaces with disinfectant prior to and at the end of their session. Ethanol spray bottles and paper towel will be provided for every bay/room.
7) Training of New Users. Training of new users will temporarily be suspended until further notice. We are in the process of recording videos to train all new users, so that trainings will not be performed in person, although a Q&A zoom session can be scheduled in order to respond specific problems.
8) Adherence to Guidelines. Facility users who do not adhere to these guidelines will be asked to leave, and if needed, advisors or supervisors will be notified.
9) Questions. Please direct questions to Giovanni Gonzalez-Gutierrez (giovgonz at