Freezer/Mill 6875A

The 6875 Freezer/Mill is a large cryogenic mill that can grind up to 100 grams of samples, specially recommended to grind tough and/or temperature sensitive samples. The mill requires liquid nitrogen which cools down samples to cryogenic temperatures, then pulverizes them by using a magnetic steel impactor back and forth against two stationary end-plugs. The sample is maintained in a close vial, so that hazardous or critical samples are easily controlled.

Specifications: 1- Liquid nitrogen required for operation. Equipped with liquid nitrogen level sensor, insulated case and lid safety interlock switch for operator protection. 2- Grinding Vial Sets of polycarbonate offered by the facility. Grinds samples in the 0.1 - 20 gram range. 3- Auto-Fill System provided for automated filling with liquid nitrogen.

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