User Fees

All instrument usage is on a fee-per-use basis.

Fee structure: This has been determined so as to cover only the necessary operating expenses of the Facility, including: supplies, routine maintenance, computer software and hardware upgrades, replacement of consumable items, and occasional repair visits. The fees do NOT contribute to the capital cost of the instruments, nor to the Manager’s salary or benefits. Thus, the fees are the minimum they may reasonably be to support operation of the Facility.

Facility Membership and Usage: Faculty members affiliated with Indiana University or researchers whose primary affiliation is with a IU faculty member are eligible for discounted instrument usage rates. Academic research groups outside the edges of Indiana University may conduct experiments on Facility equipment at the Academic Rate, but may choose to become affiliated Facility Members by paying a yearly fee.

Non-Academic/Commercial Researchers: Please feel free to contact the Facility Manager for more information regarding usage of instruments. We are open to having non-academic users and encourage those entities to discuss usage arrangements.

Instrument usage fees are based on a two tiered structure as outlined below:

Instrument Location IU Rate1 Academic Rate2,3
Microscale Thermophloresis SI033 $36 / hour $72 / hour
Fluorometer SI033 $7 / hour $14 / hour
Tabletop Ultracentrifuge SI033 $5 / hour (minimum of 5 hrs) $10 / hour (minimum of 5 hrs)
Isothermal Titration Calorimeter SI033 $27 / hour $54 / hour
Typhoon Imager SI033 $6 / scan $12 / scan
Circular Dichroism Spectrometer SI033 $22 / hour $44 / hour
UV / Visible Spectrometer SI033 $8 / hour $16 / hour
Dynamic Light Scattering SI033 $25 / hour $50 / hour
Biomek Automated Liquid Handler SI033 $17 / hour $34 / hour
Scintillation Counter SI033 $10 / scan $20 / scan
Stopped Flow Spectrometer SI033 $15 / hour $30 / hour
Multi-Angle Light Scattering Instrument and Refractive Index Detector SI033 $36 / hour $72 / hour
Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Instrument SI033 $6 / hour $12 / hour
Preparative Ultracentrifuge SI033 $5 / hour (minimum of 5 hrs) $10 / hour (minimum of 5 hrs)
NanoDrop-1000 SI033 $0 / hour $5.00 / hour
Freezer/Mill SI033 $40 / hour $80 / hour
Emulsifier SI033 $12 / run $24 / run
Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer SI033 $3 / hour $10 / hour
Thermocycler Tetrad SI033 $0 / hour $5 / hour
Octect Red K2 SI033 $36 / hour $72 / hour
Multi-mode Plate Reader SI033 $0 / hour $10 / hour

1 The Member Rate is applicable to researchers whose primary affiliation is with an IU faculty member or a CTSI investigator, independently of the primary affiliation.

2 The standard Academic Rate is applicable to extramural academic researchers. Note that Facility Members will be given scheduling priority on all instruments.

3 The Non-Academic Rate is applicable to researchers of commercial entities. Arrangements on usage and fees can be determined by contacting the Facility Manager. Note that Facility Members will be given scheduling priority on all instruments.