User Training and Certification

In order to promote fair laboratory practices, prevent costly instrument damage, and ensure user safety, the Physical Biochemistry Instrumentation Facility will offer user training and certification on all equipment under its control. Qualification is MANDATORY – all persons wishing to use Facility equipment MUST successfully complete outlined training requirements set forth by the Facility Manager. The basic outline for qualification includes but is not limited by the following guidelines:


1. Prospective users must submit an Online Training Request outlining the instruments desired for qualification, applications for which the instrument will be used, description of samples to be run, disclosure of potential health or safety hazards, and account information for billing purposes. Training courses will ideally be conducted for a minimum of 2 students per session. Special arrangements for training may be entertained at the discretion of the Facility Manager, Director, and Faculty Executive Committee.

2. In addition to training forms, a signed copy of the Facility Release Form MUST be obtained before any training commences. This form (included in the Facility handbook and on this web site) ensures the prospective user has read and understood the Facility’s policies regarding rules, regulations, safety, reporting of accidents or instrument misuse, malfunctioning equipment, etc. The form must be signed by the user as well as the Faculty sponsor.

3. Once the necessary paperwork has been filed with the Facility Manager, a mutually agreeable time will be arranged for training sessions. The user should become familiar with operational basics by reading the instrument training booklet before the session begins. At this time, the Facility Manager will train the user to operate equipment properly and will remind the user of his / her responsibilities regarding data backup, cleanliness, safety, and appropriate procedures for reserving instrument time. After a number of sessions to be determined by the Manager, the user will be deemed qualified to operate the instrument under initial supervision, and once proficiency has been established, unsupervised.

4. The user will be given a Facility account on the computer controlling the instrument(s) upon which he / she has been certified, and will be authorized to conduct research as needed. Facility computer systems will be networked, allowing users to freely transfer data to their office computers. Note that DATA BACKUP IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER and Facility personnel cannot be held responsible for integrity of data left on computers within the Facility after the user has logged out. As a courtesy, every effort will be made to notify equipment users before hard drives are cleared, but computers within the Facility are meant for instrument control and data collection only, not long term data storage. Most instruments are equipped with CD burners for user convenience.


Workshops and Seminars: Throughout the year, the Facility will offer occasional seminars and workshops designed to increase awareness about our capabilities and also to provide key tips and tricks for users so they may receive maximum benefit from the equipment housed in the laboratory. Once annually, the Facility Manager will organize a User’s Meeting to obtain feedback and address issues or concerns. All events will be posted in advance within the Facility and will be distributed to all registered users via e-mail.

Card Swipe Access

All researchers cleared for Facility entry accept all responsibility for proper use of PBIF equipment, as outlined in the Physical Biochemistry Instrumentation Facility policies and guidelines. Failure to abide by Facility regulations will result in loss of card swipe and / or instrument privileges. Users who are approved by the Facility Manager for card swipe access to the laboratory must follow the guidelines set out below:


a. User acknowledges that card swipe access is restricted ONLY to the user. Under no circumstances should a user grant Facility access to unregistered or unqualified persons.

b. User understands that the ID card is property of Indiana University and will be solely responsible for all costs associated with lost cards or replacements.

c. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm that Facility doors are properly locked upon departure. A user found to be negligent in this regard will lose access privileges and will be held liable for replacement of any missing or damaged equipment from the laboratory.

d. Users must notify the Facility Manager if their status with the University changes (leaving, graduating, etc.) and are required to surrender all cards to the Facility at that time.

e. Failure to use a Facility card conscientiously will necessitate revoking the user’s access to the laboratory.