Technical Problems and Equipment Damage

All users are expected to follow proper instrument operating procedures as well as the instructions of the Facility Manager in order to avoid instrument damage and other technical problems. In the event that a user encounters technical difficulties or damages a piece of equipment or an accessory:


In case of technical malfunction: Report the incident to the Facility Manager IMMEDIATELY. If the problem occurs after normal operating hours, fill out a Report Form and submit it electronically to the Facility Manager by e-mail ( or print a copy and leave in the Manager’s inbox in the laboratory.

Financial responsibility: Damage to any instrument or accessory found to be due to user negligence or improper use will necessarily require repair or replacement of broken parts, and it will be the sole responsibility of the user and / or Faculty sponsor to furnish funds to do so. This guarantees that all who use the Facility will be confident instruments are functioning normally and their valuable research time is well spent. In the event of a dispute, the Faculty Sponsor or non-academic patron may appeal to the Facility Manager, Director, and Faculty Executive Committee. Resolution of disputes by this governing body is binding and final.

Penalties: Failure to immediately report nonfunctioning equipment or user inflicted damage may range from a single warning to instant withdrawal of instrument privileges for an indefinite period. Reinstatement of instrument privileges will require user requalification through another training course, including all costs associated therewith.